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A smart substitute for conventional clay, concrete and hollow bricks   
Ageless Constructions          *          Everlasting Comfort         *          Recurring Savings

AC products are innovative eco-friendly construction materials made of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), widely recognized as an alternative and sustainable building material by Architects, Engineers, Builders and Owners all over the world. These high quality AC products are not just a substitute for conventional brick, but they bring buildings to life. They help condition the interiors by keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. More importantly, they offer an array of physical comforts such as: pleasant interior temperatures; excellent water, weather and earthquake resistance; reduced noise pollution; termite and pest proofing; and improved structural soundness. These products are also lightweight, easy to work with and can be carved to different shapes. This unique combination of features makes AC products an intelligent choice for building homes, hotels, hospitals, apartments, auditoriums, colleges, commercial complexes, industrial facilities, cold storages and ATMs. They are available as blocks, bricks, tiles, infill panels, moldings and coatings.

  Reap the Benefits...
   Lightweight                                             Thermal Insulation                                   Acoustic Insulation 
Moisture & Weather Resistant            Fire Resistant                                           Pest Resistance   
Speed of Construction                          Workability                                                 Eco - Friendly



Lightweight: AC products are extremely lightweight and weigh about a third of that of conventional clay bricks. However, due to their superior compressive strength, they are ideal for the entire building structure and possess high structural integrity. The lightweight nature of these products enables huge savings in steel, cement, mortar and plastering costs. The lightweight products provide ideal building products for high-rise buildings, extensions to existing structures, additional floors on existing buildings, and mezzanine flooring.

Thermal Insulation: Buildings constructed with AC products help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. AC products consist of millions of tiny non-interconnecting air cells which form their characteristic cellular structure that helps them offer superior thermal insulation, providing unmatched comfort and recurring energy savings naturally. Our field tests indicate that a home built with AC products is 5-10o C cooler compared to conventional brick homes in the tropical hot conditions.

 Acoustic Insulation: AC products provide exceptional acoustic insulation. Their porous structure and high surface mass, coupled with their ability to dampen mechanical vibration energy, greatly reduces outside environmental noise pollution and the indoor echo effect in empty rooms, providing a quieter, more comfortable interior for the occupants. This makes the AC products a smart choice for projects that require a high level of acoustic insulation, such as apartments, educational institutions, hotels and entertainment facilities.

 Moisture/Weather Resistant: AC products float in water, but do not let water penetrate due to their characteristic cellular structure. They do not hold water either. AC products possess excellent structural integrity helping them to: resist moisture penetration; resist high winds and violent storms; improve earthquake resistance. Over the years, AAC has performed well in seismically-active and hurricane-prone regions around the world. AAC buildings have shown good resistance to earthquake forces. This makes the AC products an excellent solution for water proofing applications like roofs, water tanks, buildings in tropical humid environments and earthquake prone areas.

 Fire Resistant: AC products provide high security against fire and meet the most stringent fire-safety requirements. AC products are non-combustible and emit no toxic fumes when exposed to fire. It has high resistance to temperatures much above the typical 1200o C temperature in a building fire. These products possess remarkable fire endurance capabilities due to their low thermal conductivity and slow rate of heat transmission. Thus AC products can be used as a firewall to prevent fire from spreading.

Speed of Construction: Larger sizes and uniform shapes of AC products require fewer joints and have a dramatic impact on the speed of construction. In addition, these products are easy to handle and stability of the walls is achieved faster. The construction process with these products result in less waste, as the off-cuts can be reused.

 Pest Resistance: AC products are made of an inorganic and insect resistant construction material. It is impossible for insects and rodents to inhabit in them. Without concern of termites and insects damaging or inhabiting in the AC products, chemical treatments can be reduced while maintaining maximum protection against damage to the building.

 Workability: Although AC products are as strong and durable as conventional masonry, it is as easy to work with as wood. All AC products can be easily cut, drilled, shaped and sanded with hand or power tools to achieve the desired size, shape and wall pattern. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for architectural innovations.

 Eco - Friendly: AC products are manufactured using all readily available resources with no harmful emissions or toxic chemicals. They are completely environmentally friendly. Their production process requires much less energy to complete than that of other materials and their outstanding energy efficient qualities makes it an excellent source of ongoing environmental conservation. At the end of a building’s useful life, AC products can be disassembled and reused or pulverized and recycled. AC products qualify as “green” building material.





























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